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One of the most important steps you can take in planning your perfect wedding is to secure the services of a Bridal Consultant.
A meeting with the Bride enables me to assess her wishes and help her achieve the wedding of her dreams.

I suggest important questions to be discussed with your wedding vendors as you meet with them. Appointments can be made by me for the Bride or the Bride may make her own appointments with the vendors.

My strong point is matching Brides with vendors based on the size of the wedding, the budget and the type of wedding that she desires. Selecting vendors with great creativity will help the Bride get the most and best for her budget.

My philosophy for a wonderful, well-planned day is to have a detailed timeline and agenda in place. When the Bride reviews her finished agenda, a copy is sent to all the wedding professionals who will be servicing her wedding.

I believe that the Bridal Consultant should be available to the Bride and her family throughout the wedding planning process for any and all questions. I do not sell her anything except the ability to have a wonderful day.

I believe that it is through the efforts of an experienced, professional consultant, who orchestrates the event, that enables the Bride and her family to completely enjoy their special day.

Bobbie Izeman Bridal Consultant
Bobbie Izeman, Wedding Consultant
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